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New arrivals and immigrants | MRC de Rivière-du-Loup

New arrivals and immigrants

Anyone who wants to live in the region is welcome.
MRC de rivière-du-Loup, La Vraie vie
Anyone who wants to live in the region is welcome.

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#1 877 VRAIE VIE

Are you thinking of settling
in the Rivière-du-Loup region?

Do you have any questions?

Dial 1 877 VRAIE VIE
(1 877 872-4384)

You can get, free of charge, all the information you want concerning real life in the Rivière-du-Loup MRC: education, healthcare, culture, recreation, sports, environment, housing, etc.

We have real answers!
Just make the right decision, and you’ll be living the real life...

Photo immigration groupe (vignette)
You are an immigrant and looking for a pleasant place to settle!

An immigration resource is available to help you with the process and to offer you and your entire family a warm welcome. It may be for finding work, for help when moving in, or for helping your integration into the region:

Contact the service at 1 877 VRAIE VIE
(1 877 872-4384)

For a list of available job positions in the region, write to: Stéphanie Jeanne Bouchard

Here is the French only brochure on immigration services: Immigration (728 ko)

Welcoming newcomers and family support policies

Many of the territory’s municipalities have set up welcoming newcomers and family support policies. To learn more: Please communicate with the relevant municipality.

The object of a policy for welcoming newcomers is to create the best conditions possible to welcome and integrate new residents into a municipality’s territory. As for a family support policy, its aim is to better a family’s quality of life by offering services which responds to its needs, especially in regard to, among other things, recreation and culture, education, heath, safety, housing and the environment.

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